Step-by-step instructions: how to remove fat from legs with exercises

how to lose weight in legs

To lose weight in the legs, you need to use not only a set of exercises, but also reconsider your food preferences.

The guarantee of weight loss lies in a simple formula: calorie restriction plus exercise.

By giving up high-calorie foods and regularly performing a series of exercises, you can quickly achieve excellent results, even at home!

Leg anatomy

The anatomical structure of the leg muscles consists of the following muscle groups: buttocks, thigh and lower leg.

The largest muscles in terms of volume are the thigh muscles. It is in this area that the main fat layer is located. Loads should be aimed primarily at working the target muscle groups: quadriceps femoris and biceps femoris. By targeting the muscles, you can achieve a beautiful and slim leg line.

Compliance with some recommendations significantly influences the effectiveness of the exercises performed.

General recommendations for carrying out the complex

  • Start your workout by warming up.This is an important condition, as it will prepare the muscles, joints and ligaments for stress.
  • Be careful when performing strength exercises if you are new to training.Increase the number of repetitions smoothly and consciously.
  • The musculoskeletal system of the legs and ligaments adapts to the load within a few weeks. After that, you can practice thoroughly and increase the number of repetitions.
  • It is very important to alternate tension and relaxation.We always make tension as we exhale. You have to get used to doing it automatically.
  • The number of exercises and repetitions performed, the pace of execution and other training parameters are not the same for everyone. Set your workout routine in such a way that you feel pleasantly tired afterward.
  • Sports doctors warn!There are often cases when a person gets injured when he immediately starts training too intensely. You need to be able to distinguish between sore throat and sore throat

Attention!Each body is individual, so listen to yourself. Customize the workout based on you and your abilities.

The most effective system of 7 exercises

The complex below, consisting of the best exercises affecting the legs, is very popular in many types of training. It is designed in such a way that it allows qualitative training of the main muscle groups.

Remember!You can only reach your goal with regular training.

Plie squat

It makes the leg muscles work well with particular attention to the inner thighs. This area needs a good load, as it is usually little involved in everyday life. It is in this part of the thigh that subcutaneous fatty tissue usually develops, which can be difficult to deal with.

  1. We perform squats with a straight back. The arms are extended parallel to the floor.
  2. Feet wider than shoulder width, toes turned slightly outward.
  3. We do not squat completely -The knees do not go beyond the toes.
  4. The pace is slow, the breathing is free.

Let's start with ten repetitions. For an advanced level we perform twenty exercises, with two or three repetitions. Rest for thirty seconds between sets.

The most common leg movements. They form muscle relief and give slimness to the legs. The main load is directed at the hips and buttocks.

  1. Stand up straight, straighten your shoulders, lift your chin. Lower your arms freely.
  2. Take a step forward like thisThe angle at the knee was ninety degrees.
  3. Repeat the movement for one and the other leg twenty times. Perform several approaches.

In order for the load to be greater, the step should be as wide as possible.

As a variation of this exercise, walking with lunges can be used. This option is convenient to perform by walking in a circle with maximum amplitude, but without touching the floor with your knee. We don't wave our arms, we don't use inertia. The entire load goes to the legs.

Swing your legs

They do a great job working the thigh with emphasis on the front of it, the gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus muscles. It runs in several versions.

Option 1.

  1. We get on all fours with emphasis on the hands and knees.
  2. We perform swings with the leg slightly bent at the knee with maximum amplitude.

We perform twenty exercises for each leg with two or three repetitions. Rest for thirty seconds between sets.

Option 2.

  1. We perform it while standing. The legs are slightly narrower than shoulder width.
  2. Bend your leg at the knee at a right angle. Leaning on the table top or the back of a chair, we perform oscillations with maximum amplitude.

We perform twenty movements for each leg with two or three approaches. Rest for thirty seconds between sets.

Exercise "Chair" (static)

A common exercise that gives a good load to all muscles. Great for burning calories. Static exercises are good because they give you the opportunity to work all your muscles in a short time.

  1. Standing with our backs to the wall, we step back half a step and begin to slowly lower ourselves, as if we were sitting on a chair.
  2. In the hip and knee joints we repeat the bending of the chair frame.
  3. Hold the pose for thirty seconds.
  4. We stand up and relieve tension from the muscles by finely shaking our feet and hands.

Step onto the platform

We strengthen the gluteus maximus and minimus, as well as the front and back of the thigh.

Those who are friends of the stepped platform have no extra kilos. To increase the load, we take dumbbells in both hands, starting with the minimum weight. First, let's work out the execution technique. Learn to balance without dumbbells. There are several options for performing this exercise:

Option 1.

  1. We walk alternately with the right and left foot. Ten times with one leg and the same number with the other.
  2. Rest for thirty seconds and perform several repetitions. The leg that steps onto the platform first should maintain a right angle with the knee. We do this because of muscle tension and not inertia force.
  3. We perform at a slow pace, so you can gradually increase the speed.

The number of repetitions is twenty times with the required number of repetitions.

Option 2.
We take fifteen steps with the right foot, then the same number with the left.

Standing on the platform with both feet, we increase the load by bending the leg at the knee and lifting the foot off the surface of the platform.

The result is a sort of double step.

A note!Standing on a platform is the number one exercise for burning calories and creating a slim, toned silhouette.


The abdominal and hip muscles work and the knee joints are trained. Good for losing belly fat. A slim knee and hip area is formed.

Scissors has 4 difficulty levels- depending on the physical form of the performer.

  1. Lying on your back, place your hands behind your head.
  2. We perform the exercise with emphasis on the lower back.
  3. Raise your legs off the floor. Alternately bending the legs at the knee joints, "we ride a bicycle. "
  4. We don't hold our breath, we breathe freely.

We perform ten to twelve exercises with different approaches. Rest for thirty seconds between sets.

Attention!The more we lift our hips off the floor, the less stress there is on our abs and lower back.

Hips and abs are worked effectively.

  1. We lie down on the floor. Raise your straightened legs, lifting them off the floor six inches.
  2. At a fast paceWe perform alternating swings with our legs. The movement resembles the movement of scissors.

We do this ten times with different approaches.

How does the fat burning process happen?

Fat is distributed unevenly on the surface of the legs. His favorite areas are the lower part of the buttocks, the so-called "ears", and the thighs. The knee joints are also covered with a fairly large layer of fat and become like a ball. It also affects calves, which take on the shape of a bottle.

Initially thin legs, under the influence of fat deposits, become voluminous and lose their attractive shape. Lumps of cellulite appear on them.

As soon as we start losing weight, the volume of fat in the leg area starts to decrease. The muscles are tense and strengthened. A thin line of legs begins to emerge.

Does leg size decrease when you lose weight?

As you lose weight, your leg may go down a size or two. This is due to the fact that fat disappears from the body evenly: if you exercise and eat well, your feet will also lose weight. This is what will allow you to decrease the size of the leg.

By following the basics of a balanced diet and doing targeted exercises at home, you can cope with fat and gain leanness. Nutritionists and sports instructors emphasize that this problem must be solved comprehensively:

  • Reduce your calorie intake.Avoid foods with excess calories. Inclusion in the daily menu of salads from fresh vegetables and herbs, boiled fish, cottage cheese. Cereal dishes, especially buckwheat, cooked in water with the addition of a spoonful of any vegetable oil, are useful.
  • Execution of the proposed system– the basis of your actions to lose weight on the thighs and buttocks. Plus, you can add exercise, dance, swimming, and brisk walking classes. This will help you lose extra pounds and strengthen your muscles.

If you use these methods, the volume of your legs will decrease by several centimeters every ten days. That's all you need to do to get results.

5 tips to increase efficiency

  1. Using a contrast showeron the leg area, relieves fatigue, trains blood vessels. It is an excellent prevention of varicose veins.
  2. It's good to massage your feet after a workout., starting from the fingertips and ending with the gluteal region. You can do it yourself or contact a specialist. The massage procedure will relieve fatigue, improve lymph flow, tighten the skin, make it elastic and smooth.
  3. Before going to bedIt is useful to perform the following exercise: lift your legs vertically and finely vibrate your feet. This will strengthen the capillaries and improve venous outflow.
  4. Try to use your free time for active leisure activities. Even simple walking perfectly strengthens the leg muscles, helps maintain good physical shape and prevents congestion of the lower extremities.
  5. If constantlypractice walking at a fast pace, then this will be a good prevention of the appearance of extra pounds.

Exercise should be regular and a balanced diet should become constant. By losing extra pounds and starting to eat badly, you can gain them back. By loving a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods and not overeating and exercising, you can maintain optimal weight without much effort!

Step-by-step instructions: How to remove fat from legs using weight loss exercises and other methods?

Cellulite on the hips and buttocks deprives the figure of its slenderness and makes the silhouette "heavy".

How to deal with fat on legs? What exercises should you do to get rid of this deficiency? Are there other ways of working besides physical activity?

What tips should you use to achieve maximum effect?

Reasons for the appearance of subsidence in this area

The main cause, most of the time, is the presence of excess weight. As soon as we start losing weight, the volume in our hips and calves starts to decrease.

Solid body fat can also be the result of hereditary factors.This happens when fat is deposited in the aunt or grandmother in the leg area.

This structural feature of the figure is often inherited.

A special type of figure called "pear" means that we have narrow shoulders, a small chest and a rather massive lower body.

Top 5 exercises for leg fat

This complex is quite simple, however, with the help of this system you can quickly lose weight in the legs and train all the corresponding muscle groups. These exercises are included in many training programs and can easily be performed at home.

You can get the greatest effectpracticing regularly and using some recommendations:

  • The criterion for determining the number of exercises performed are individual factors: gender, age, physical fitness.
  • The first phase of training is the warm-upon your feet. Many people use a jump rope for this. This warm-up warms the muscles and adapts the joints and ligaments to the load.
  • At the beginning you should not give yourself a fast pace and the maximum possible number of repetitions, especially if you are not physically prepared.
  • Start with minimal, perform each movement consciously, focus on the areas you are working on.
  • Alternating stages of tension and relaxation. Tension, i. e. effort, is exerted during exhalation, while relaxation occurs during inhalation.

Gluteal bridge

The buttocks, the anterior surface of the thigh work, and the abdominal muscles stretch. The exercise aims to create a seductive and slender line: feet – calves – thighs – buttocks.

  1. We lie down, pressing our shoulder blades firmly to the floor. The arms are positioned parallel to the body.
  2. We bend our legs at the knees. Let's spread our feet slightly.
  3. Leaning on the entire area of the foot, we raise the buttocks,hold for a few seconds and lower slowly.

Repeat ten times with three approaches. This movement is included in the TOP 10 exercises for the glutes.

Exercise "Chair" (static)

Load the corset well. Excellent for training thighs, calves, buttocks. It is more effective to perform it in the form of a static circular complex.

  1. We have our backs against the wall. We take a half step back. The hands drop freely.
  2. We begin to sit, leaning the entire back area against the wall,until a right angle is formed in the knees.
  3. We sit in an imaginary chair for thirty seconds and stand up. Gradually increase the time in static and bring it to one minute.

Let's repeat, to begin with, three times.

Step onto the platform

The gluteal muscle group, the front and back of the thigh receive a good load. Perfect for those who want to lose weight and train their legs. It burns calories perfectly and trains the cardiovascular system. Helps remove excess muscles from the legs. Performed with dumbbells. But first, to practice the technique, you can do it without weight.

  1. We step onto the platform, alternately with the right and left foot. Alternatively, you can practice stepping: ten times for one leg, ten times for the other. Then rest for thirty seconds.
  2. We must strive to ensure that the thigh of the leg located on the platform isparallel to the floor, the load on the knee joint will be minimal.
  3. You can choose your own pace. To begin with, we do it slowly to get used to maintaining balance.

The number of exercises is twenty times with two or three repetitions.

Peculiarities!The knee of the leg that we place on the platform must not form an acute angle, that is, go beyond the line of the toe.

The anterior surface of the thigh, rectus and oblique abdominal muscles work. Scissors help strengthen leg muscles, abdominals and give relief to the hips.

  1. We lie on the floor, arms along the body, back pressed to the floor.
  2. We raise our legs ten centimeters above the floor and swing alternately with straight legs - "scissors".

Repeat ten times with three approaches.

Plie squats

It allows you to tone your legs, slim them and train the inner thighs well. These muscles are often weak and covered with a layer of fat, the so-called "orange peel". This is explained by the fact that they do not receive stress in everyday life. The exercise also works the muscles of the buttocks and calves.

  1. We stand straight, straighten our shoulders, raise our chin. The gaze is directed straight ahead.
  2. We place our legs wider than our shoulders, with our toes slightly turned outwards.
  3. Slowly squat down until a right angle is formed in the knee joint. We focus on the target muscles.

We perform the exercise slowly, ten times with three approaches.

How to relax muscles after training?

To relieve tension after class, you can use self-massage techniques. They should include stroking, rubbing, and kneading the areas where the load has been directed. All this is necessary to avoid leg pain after training. Also practice the following methods:

  • A warm bath works greatto which you need to add a kilogram of sea salt. You can use regular salt with a few drops of lavender, rosemary or tea tree essential oil. It is recommended to carry out this procedure before bedtime.
  • Tired and crampy musclescan be rubbed with special creams,which are sold in pharmacies. They may contain components such as chili pepper, ginger, cinquefoil, beeswax and camphor oil.
  • It has a good effectuse of a contrast shower.It will improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue and relax muscles. After the procedure, you need to actively rub the skin with a hard towel and put on a warm robe or tracksuit.

Attention!We always start contrasting water procedures with warm water and end with cold one!

5 other anti-cellulite methods

Only with training can you achieve good results. But if you want to get slim legs as quickly as possible, consider other effective methods for eliminating excess fat in the problem area.

Physical activity and diet are ideal components for acquiring slim legs and a strong body. You need to be careful with diets and not try different variations on yourself. How to lose weight correctly and make sure that the lost kilograms do not return after a while?

  1. It is not recommended to significantly reduce the calorie content of your daily diet.It is enough to exclude fried foods, fatty foods and confectionery products.
  2. You should not eat only protein foods, mainly meat.Excess weight disappears with such a diet, but at the same time the metabolism is irreversibly disrupted, which subsequently leads to a rapid return of lost kilograms.
  3. Do not neglect dishes from a variety of cereals– they are sources of vitamins, minerals and vegetable proteins. During the weight loss period, they should be consumed, but in moderation and without oil.
  4. Salads must be included in the menuraw vegetables, greens, boiled fish and chicken dishes, low-fat dairy products.
  5. Pay special attention to spices– they are able to activate the metabolism, but should be consumed in moderation, as they stimulate the appetite.
  6. The body must receive proteins, fats, carbohydrates and all the vitamins and minerals it needs. Here becausefood should be varied and nutritious.
  7. It is better to consume fats in the form of vegetable oil - it is enough to add a spoonful to the salad per day.
  8. Don't forget fruits and berries. Vitamin C and the fiber they contain are your friends in the fight against excess weight.
  9. Plain clean water will help you lose weight faster. Don't force yourself to drink, just take a sip throughout the day, always carrying a bottle of water with you.

Important!Remember: quickly losing extra pounds leads to their rapid return in the future!

Water procedures

They are a necessary component for those who have decided to say goodbye to excess weight. Contrast showers, massaging showers, waterfall showers, swimming, pool gymnastics will help you quickly lose extra pounds, strengthen your immune system, make your skin elastic and give you energy and vigor. These tools are accessible and enjoyable. If you make friends with them, the extra pounds in the leg area will disappear and will never return.

I need to rememberSome features of using water procedures:

  • Exposure to cold water should be short-term and alternated with warm water;
  • Contrast water procedures promote active fat burning in combination with exercise. They can be performed every other day before going to sleep;
  • If you don't like cold water, you can gradually get used to it. At first pour only your feet and hands. Then slowly move on to wetting your entire body.

It envelops

A popular procedure that perfectly burns subcutaneous fat on the legs, improves lymphatic drainage, increases skin elasticity and copes with cellulite tubercles on the thighs and buttocks.

To effectively combat fatty deposits, we recommend making compresses by mixing them in equal partssalt and honey.Apply this mixture to the skin, massaging in circular motions. Cover with cling film or compressed paper, then with a blanket and leave for forty minutes. Wash with cold water.

Lubricate your feet with a nourishing cream. We do it every other day. Overall it should workten-fifteen procedures.


It works well in combination with exercise. Improves blood flow, eliminates congestion in the lower extremities, which leads to cellulite. These procedures relax the muscles and relieve spasms if you miscalculated the load and trained too much.

Massage movements should be directed from bottom to top– from the feet to the hip joints. Let's start with the caresses. Then we carry out rubbing and kneading. In this case it is good to use massage oil, cream or any vegetable oil with the addition of a few drops of tea tree oil.

After this procedure you need to rest for thirty minutes.

Active lifestyle

Walking at a brisk pace, climbing stairs, running, walking and doing gymnastics outdoorsaccelerate metabolism, activate calorie burning and saturate the body with oxygen.All this will help to remove thick legs, make them slim and beautiful.

Changing your lifestyle is the key that can open the way to your new image. Getting lean and fit is in your power!

Mandatory components of the fight against excess weight are a set of exercises and a balanced diet. Using this duo, you will soon notice the first changes that you will like. You just have to take the first step and every journey begins with the first step!

What makes your legs lose weight?

Proper diet and exercise help reduce the volume of the lower body. Adequate nutrition reduces the amount of calories consumed by 30%. It's easy to calculate your daily intake; you just need to keep a diary to record your food intake. The main thing is that the calorie content does not fall below 1000 kcal. Methods of proper nutrition that will help you understand why your legs are losing weight:

  • products that stimulate blood flow eliminate cellulite;
  • reduce fat consumption;
  • products with potassium (dried apricots) reduce swelling of the lower extremities;
  • yogurts with magnesium are good for losing weight.

Many girls would like to lose weight on their legs quickly, for example in a week. But this is too short a time to get a clear result. However, you can try massaging using special products, for example anti-cellulite creams or preparations containing caffeine.

It is also useful to use a special massage brush and a contrast shower. To quickly reduce the size of your legs, remove salt from your diet. This will lead to the removal of fluid from the body, due to which the effect will be.

But remember that it is short-lived. If you want to achieve lasting results, you cannot do without physical exercise and correcting your diet.